Grading - Shipping - Ordering


Cover/Record [S1/S2 = side1/side2] Please email and I'll gladly give you a detailed grading for the item you are interested in. M [does not exist] M- [nothing but the most minor surface marks, high gloss] EX [a few more of the most minor surface marks, high gloss] VG++ [a few more minor surface marks, high gloss] VG+ [a few more minor surface marks with possible light scratch, possible loss of gloss] VG [many surface marks and/or more scratches that are feelable, possible loss of gloss] VG- [same as vg, but with more feelable scratches that cause clicks/pops] G+ [clicks, pops, loss of gloss] Note: Even my lowest grade G+ does not skip on my turntable. Anything VG++ or higher are really nice! VG+ is your standard used single/album that also plays very well with possibly a light feelable scratch that doesn't cause clicks that overpower music or repeat many times. Also, note that many 45's graded as low as VG play great! Note: () is an in-between grade. For example VG(+) is between VG and VG+. wol/c/s = writing on label/cover/sleeve tol/c/s = tear on label/cover/sleeve stol/c/s = sticker/tape on label/cover/sleeve bb = bullet hole = bb hole = cutout hole notch = cutout notch = saw mark cc = cut corner dnap = does not affect play warp = warp in vinyl bubble = bubble in vinyl s1/s2/s3/etc = side 1/side 2/ side 3/ etc... DJ copy = promo copy wlp = white label promo [since many promos are not technically white labels, I usually use DJ copy even though it may be wlp] na = not applicable [plain cover or plain cover w/ slick...I do not give a grade]

Sealed Records

After a sealed record is paid for, I will gladly open it before mailing to make sure that the record is new & unplayed. If the record is not, I will give a full refund. Even though it is easy to spot most resealed records from the 60's [I will mention that in the desription if it looks like a possibility], not all records from the 70's & 80's are quite as obvious. Please ask for any details about the seal of a particular record & I will be happy to answer.


EX = excellent condition .................... VG+ = light wear CD/DVD [light scuffs that don't effect play] VHS/Cassette [some where to the box, maybe occasional glitch in tape] .................... VG = moderate wear CD/DVD [more scuffs that don't effect play] VHS/Cassette [more where to the box, cut box, occasional crease in tape]


You can choose between any shipping method you like. Insurance is optional. I do not charge a high fee for shipping. I charge almost exactly what it costs me. USA: Media Mail: LP/12"/10"/VHS: $4.10 USA: Media Mail w/delivery conf: LP/12"/10"/VHS: $4.60 USA: Double-Boxed Media Mail: LP/12"/10": $5.35 USA: Double-Boxed Media Mail w/delivery conf: LP/12"/10": $5.85 USA: Double-Boxed Priority: LP/12"/10": $6.05 - $11.05 USA: Double-Boxed Priority w/delivery conf: LP/12"/10": $6.55 - $11.55 USA: Priority: VHS: $5.50 USA: Priority: VHS w/delivery conf: $6 USA: 1st Class: CD/45/7"/Cassette: $3.20 USA: 1st Class w/delivery conf: CD/45/7"/Cassette: $3.70 USA: 1st Class: CD [jewel case removed]: $2.10 USA: 1st Class w/delivery conf: CD [jewel case removed]: $2.60 USA: Priority: CD/DVD/45/7"/Cassette: $5.80 USA: Priority w/delivery conf: CD/DVD/45/7"/Cassette: $6.30 USA: 1st Class: DVD: $3.90 USA: 1st Class w/delivery conf: DVD: $4.40 FOREIGN AIR LP/12"/10"/VHS: Exact from * FOREIGN AIR CD/45/7"/Cass: $4 Can~$5.20 Mex~$6.45 Eur/Asia/Oz FOREIGN AIR CD [jewel case removed]: $3 Can~$3.75 All Other FOREIGN AIR DVD: $5.50 Can~$6.50 Mex~$8.50 Eur/Asia/Oz Note: Prices are for single items. Multiple items and multiple LP/12"/CD sets may cost a little more. Domestic priority depends on how far you live from me [19115, Philadelphia]. For example, New York is $6.05. California is $11.05. *For international orders, I use the Postal Service link below after weighing and add .85 for the cost of a record mailer. Air mail total cost with mailer: Canada: normal single LP/12" costs about $7.45 - $8.47 Mexico: normal single LP/12" costs about $11.42 - $13.04 Brazil: normal single LP/12" costs about $13.49 - $15.24 Europe/Asia/Australia: normal single LP/12" costs about $14.03 - $15.82 LP's with heavy covers & heavy pressings cost a little more.

Insurance/Registered/Special Services

I'm sorry, I'm not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items that are uninsured. I pack well, so there's little need to worry. If you'd like insurance or special services, please make a note when ordering. USA Insurance: $1.80 [up to $50], $2.30 [up to $100], $2.85 [up to $200] USA Registered: $10.80 and up Foreign Insurance/Registered: $11.50 [registered, insured up to $45] Foreign Insurance: If you need higher insurance, please email. Special Services: Certified/Confirmation/etc...Please email. DOMESTIC: FOREIGN:


You may return an item within 10 days of receipt if it's not in the conditon described. Items cannot be returned if you decide you don't like the music. Returns should be made in the same condition that they were received in, with all parts [inserts, stickers, etc] that came with the item. The return should be packed in the same safe manner that it was shipped.

Ordering / Payment

1) PayPal [] 2) Postal money order [USA] 3) Personal check [USA or foreign if you have a USA contact] 4) International money order [US$ dollars, must list a US bank on the money order] 5) BidPay 6) Western Union Money Transfer [ask for details] 7) Concealed cash [US$ or if other foreign currency must add bank conversion fees] Dave Gman 1217 Fenwick Pl. Phila. Pa. 19115 USA When sending payment by normal mail, please include: i] Description of what you ordered ii] Your mailing address printed clearly iii] Your email address Please ask if you have any questions.